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Self-Defense Simulated Pistol Training - Women and Men

This course provides five hours of combined classroom and firearms simulator-based training exercises. Students build on their marksmanship fundamentals, developing simple defensive tactical skills and situational awareness needed to safely operate a pistol for self- and home defense.

Students will use an advanced, indoor video-simulation system usually available only to law enforcement professionals.

No real guns. No live fire!


  • Understand firearm storage & transport

  • Understand situational awareness concepts and the self-defense mindset

  • Develop the ability to move and shoot; draw from the holster, use cover and concealment, and respond to common self-defense situations


  • Students will use an advanced indoor, video-simulation system usually available only to law enforcement.

  • Practical legal and ethical issues will be covered in a virtual shooting environment.

Location: South Metro Public Safety Training Facility
Cost: regularly $125

75.00 125.00
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